The newest Sado maso Kink Dictionary, Words & Code Record

The newest Sado maso Kink Dictionary, Words & Code Record

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Aftercare Whenever a scene is over, aftercare is the emotional and you may physical worry which is administered, always by a high that is used to get rid of significantly more serious mental aftereffects. Best aftercare may be used to prevent a decrease.

Ages Enjoy When someone plays a mature role and someone takes on a young role, including a father-child scenario.

Rectal Training Staying increasingly big objects (usually ass plugs) to extend the new rectal sphincter when preparing for things instance anal fisting

Cartoon A style of moving anime designed in The japanese in which many people select an excellent fetish dressing or having sex having a partner that is outfitted as the an anime character

Animal PlayKink in which one to spouse, usually the submissive pretends is a pet often at enjoyment, knowledge, brushing, and affection of your Principal


Basketball Splitting New operate out-of imposing severe serious pain so you can a good man’s vagina, often because of the kicking, punching, slapping, caning, etc to own his fulfillment

Golf balls Away Risky Kink (BORK) permissive and exceptionally high-risk intimate behavior. Differs from typical line play in this this type of gamble can have disastrous efficiency even with proper gadgets fix and methods, there’s nevertheless a primary risk present.

Bdsm Bondage Punishment Sadism MasochismAn umbrella name regularly describe an excellent intimate practice that involves the application of bodily manage, mental stamina, otherwise discomfort. They typically boasts the components from slavery and you can discipline, domination and you can entry, or sadism otherwise masochism.

Bladder/Colon ControlRequiring the newest submissive to ask to have consent before toileting, also degree the latest submissive being lose throughout the Dominants presence otherwise if you’re becoming fondled, accustomed foster the latest sub’s trust and welcome of your own Dom on very sexual facets fo the brand new sub’s existence


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